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Viva Films / Starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre / Written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone

When I first heard about the title of JaDine’s new movie, I had to rehear it because it sounded unique and different. After watching today, I now know what it means. It is short for “I will never not love you.”

The movie is about a young couple named Gio and Joanne who are drawn to each other because of love. They meet one night at an art shop where Gio works as a graphic artist and Joanne has to pick up from him some stickers needed by the company she works for where she will be the future assistant brand manager. There is instant attraction for Gio to Joanne and the courtship scenes leading to their first kiss will surely incite giddiness (kilig) among JaDine and non-JaDine fans. The scene where they swim in a lake is the most romantic part of the movie where they talk about their dreams and happiness being a choice and a state of mind.

Aside from love in its purest form, the movie also talks about sacrifice – what someone will do in the name of love. In both cases, both Gio and Joanne leave their jobs to be with each other through the course of their relationship. But since both are individuals who yearn for a career, they also desire to be successful in their chosen fields. Gio is happy that there is a company in UK which believes in him and has in fact hired him for his first regular job. Joanne sacrifices her career to be with Gio but later finds out that being abroad is not her calling since her career is here.

The producton values are topnotch from the cinematography, editing, production design and music. I love the theme song used in the film called “Prom” by Ebe Dancel. Antoinette Jadaone has once again brought us another movie in the line of the iconic “That Thing Called Tadhana” which deals with human relationships and how people go through it while learning painful lessons along the way. The chemistry between James and Nadine is simply magical and this new movie is so welcome since it comes after many months of JaDIne not having a movie or teleserye together.

Congratulations to Viva Films for bringing us a different kind of love story which is absorbing, thought-provoking and hearttugging.

“Never Not Love You” opens today in more than 200 theaters nationwide.

Trailers courtesy of Viva Films and YouTube.

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Thanks to all especially the JaDine fans.

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