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I visited Cinema Centenario along Maginhawa St. recently and, while waiting for my 7:30 PM indie screening, explored where I could have an early dinner. I first saw Bo’s coffee but since I was super duper hungry, I wanted to eat  kanin (rice) and ulam (viand). I went inside the building where Bo’s was and first saw this eat-all-you-can Korean restaurant which was congested with so many people like ants eating inside and waiting outside. Not for me. Then I saw this restaurant beside it which had a more cozy and quiet ambience and less people. I was attracted to the name “Oinkster” and their tagline “refined comfort food.”

All I wanted was a simple dinner not knowing what I was in store for. When I sat at the table, this is what greeted me: Unlimited bacon for P299.00 !!!

The unli meal includes 2 cups of rice or waffles, 2 eggs and unlimited bacon for P299.00 !!!

Food service was fast, friendly and efficient. There were two other tables with couples gorging on bacon.

This is Oinkster’s unli bacon meal. Yummy. I was overwhelmed with the quantity of the bacon. As a bacon lover, I thought I would not be able to finish it. The bacon was a combination of breaded, crisp, crunchy and medium-cooked “malasado” (medium rare).


This is another shot of my spectacular unli bacon meal.


Believe or not I had an extra 4 bacon strips after finishing the huge initial serving of bacon plus 2 extra eggs and a can of Coke Zero.

The best thing about this unli bacon experience was the choice of having the bacon either fried to a crisp or medium rare.

Can you see the look of satisfaction and contentment on my face?


A view of the resto’s second floor.


Another view of the second floor.


What made my unli bacon meal such a wonderful experience was the very friendly and accommodating service provided by the staff people, Jane (left) and Yolanda (right). Cheers to you both. I kidded them that they both looked so intelligent with their eyeglasses.


This is Oinkster’s logo painted on their wall inside the restaurant.

It is always pleasant to discover new eating places like Oinkster and finding out what unique food they offer. In this case, they hit the nail on the head by offering unlimited bacon. None of the restaurants even the eat-all-you-can ones offer bacon. Genius! All in all, I had 2 cups of rice, 4 eggs and all the bacon I wanted which made my visit to Oinkster such a wonderful and memorable dining experience.

Also on the menu: For starters: they offer onion rings, fries and nachos. They have waffle sandwich served with fries including bacon, lettuce and tomato and Hungarian sausage. For their entree, they have ribs, chicken, liempo and porkchop and their All-Day Breakfast includes Angus beef tapa and naked garlic longganisa. Their specialty, of course, is the unlimited bacon.

According to Jane  and Yolanda, Oinkster opened in January 2017. It is located at 99 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. Open daily 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Tel. No. 275-5112.

Disclaimer: I promote a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating but from time to time, let’s indulge. Let’s eat the food we crave for. What is life if we can not eat the food we want. Let’s have unlimited bacon. Bacon forever!

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