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I heard the saying “every man should plant a tree, have a child and write a book” (Talmud and Jose Marti) and it struck me like lightning because, as a living person, I had a choice. I was being offered to do three (3) things which would live on after my physical existence, leave my imprint on this world and guarantee my immortality.

1  Plant a tree.

Several years ago, I asked our help who is now happily married to a Canadian (cheers!) to plant two (2) avocado seeds (one of my favorite fruits and the best variety I have ever tasted) at the backyard of my grandmother’s house and they are now trees which will bear fruit in a few years. It takes at least 5 years for an avocado tree to bear fruit so these should be the best variety too. I love trees. Not only are they vital to nature, they are a witness to history, our past, present and future. In movies, who could ever forget the ents (beings who resemble trees) in “Lord of the Rings” and baby Groot (an extraterrestrial tree-like superhero) in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” merrily dancing to ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky. Of course, I also remember seeing an old, scary Tagalog movie on television when i was a child called “Darna at ang Babaeng Tuod” where Darna’s (Filipino superwoman created by novelist Mars Ravelo) cursed nemesis turns into an evil tuod (tree).

2  Have a child.

Parenting does not stop even if a child is already grown-up. It is an all-time and full-time responsibility. One should be physically, mentally, emotionally and financially prepared to have and raise a child. Maybe someday I will be ready. That’s my beloved grandmother and I who raised me.

3  Write a book –  does a blog count as a book?

When I was growing up, I used to write a diary of what I did. There was a time when I was hooked on listening to (the late) Casey Kasem hosting American Top 40 on the radio. He would count down the 40 most popular songs of the week and I would listen and write down the entries in my notebook. Looking back, I am amazed for having such patience and perseverance to write down all 40 entries.

This blog is like a mixed diary of mine to share my views, anecdotes, insights with the hope that people can learn from them and imbibe the value of positivity. It’s always good to spread positivity and attract all the good vibes in return. I’m a banker and my interests include movies, music, food, celebrities, gym training and the good life in general.

I dedicate this blog to Mama and Mamay – two extraordinary women who have influenced me immensely and made me who I am today.

Join me in my adventure.


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind – Bernard M. Maruch

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