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Written and performed by Rupert Holmes from the album “Widescreen” (1974)

One of my very favorite songs of all time is “Terminal” by Rupert Holmes. I was immediately attracted to the wonderful melody, soft rock arrangement and vocal performance of Rupert Holmes who also wrote the song. However, as a kid, I never really knew what the song was about. I just knew that here was a man who was a commuter at the bus terminal and he was singing about someone he loved finding out later on that it was really a song about an extra marital affair (“but i had to get home to the kids and the wife…”)

“Terminal” was the debut single of British-American singer-songwriter Rupert Holmes from his debut album “Widecsreen.” (1974). Although the song was not a major hit in the US or UK when it was released, it has remained an enduring radio favorite here in the Philippines. Rupert went on to record other songs notably “Touch and Go,”Escape (The Pina Collada Song), ” “Him,” “Let’s Get Crazy Tonight,” “Nearsighted,” and “Answering Machine” but “Terminal” will always be his signature song.

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