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Written by Howie Day and Kevin Griffin

Performed by: Howie Day and taken from the album “Stop All The World” (2003)

One mid afternoon, my colleague, Ces Magoncia, and I came from a client call in BGC. We were so hungry so we decided to grab a bite from one of the nearby restos. While waiting for our order, this wonderful song started playing and I just froze when I heard the lush arrangement, pretty melody and wonderful vocals. I immediately asked the waitress what the song’s title was and, in a few minutes, she gave the title to me on a piece of paper, “Collide” by American singer-songwriter Howie Day.

This song is basically about two people who come together because of love and who unavoidably have to live with each other’s differences, hence, the title “Collide.”  Released in July 2004, the song peaked at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 but it was, nevertheless, a platinum single selling 1.5 million downloads the year after it was released. It is Howie’s best-known song and has been used in various media platforms. One of the best songs ever recorded.

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