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Life has its woes so learn to be on your toes, be alert. – Bernard Kelvin Clive

A close friend of mine had the misfortune of being a victim of a pickpocket during the recent Christmas rush as he was alighting from the MRT. Ironically, before that happened, I even messaged him casually to beware of pickpockets. So when he told me what happened, I gave him some words of advice, as someone who used to take the MRT, to be always alert and vigilant.

I told him that when I took the MRT ages ago, all my belongings were inside a bag which was hanging from my shoulder but placed in front of me. Nothing inside my front and back pockets. Pickpockets usually prey on people who are busy, distracted or lost. That’s why we always have to be one step ahead in thwarting their evil intentions. We should outwit and outsmart them at their game.

I also heard about someone who got his phone stolen by a pickpocket inside the bus. Instead of admitting his carelessness and learning from the experience, he chose to blame and curse his own country for what happened to him and went to the extent of saying he hates it here and does not want to live here anymore. He only has himself to blame for his carelessness and negligence because “opportunity makes the thief.”


Outsmart and outwit the pickpocket. Let’s be one step ahead.

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